Growth Groups

Growth Groups are small groups of 8-12 people who get together to study the Bible, encourage one another in the Christian faith, and pray.

Somebody once said Christians are ‘better together’, adding, ‘we fellowship better together! The Bible says you were formed for fellowship and obviously you can’t fellowship by yourself! It takes at least two people. At the same time you can’t fellowship with a crowd either. True fellowship happens in a small group of people. That’s why Jesus had a small group of twelve disciples! He modelled fellowship.’ (Rick Warren)

MOBC places a high value on Growth Groups, inviting all those who attend the Sunday services to join a small group where they can build deeper relationships.

The following Growth Groups are running at MOBC at the moment.

Note: Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, some groups may be meeting at different locations or online. You're still welcome to join them.


Time Open to Meets at Led by
Sun 11:15am Anyone MOBC Bruce
Mon 8:15pm Anyone Leader's Home Kent
Tue 9:30am* Women Leader's Home Kylie
Tue 10:30am Anyone MOBC Rob
Tue 10:30am Women MOBC Jane
Tue 6:00pm High School Graduates Leader's Home John-Jo
Tue 6:30pm* Women MOBC Katrina
Tue 7:30pm Young Adults Leader's Home Eliseo & Hannah
Wed 1:00pm People with English as a second language MOBC Bob
Wed 1:30pm Women MOBC Margery
Wed 6:00pm High School Graduates Leader's Home John-Jo & Lizzy
Wed 7:30pm Men Leader's Home Terrence
Wed 7:30pm Women Member's Home Robyn
Wed 7:30pm Young Workers Members' Homes Melissa
Thu 7:30pm People exploring Christianity MOBC Mark
Thu 8:00pm Anyone MOBC Matt
Thu 8:00pm Anyone Members' Homes Tania
Fri 5:00pm Students in Years 7-8 MOBC Eliseo
Fri 5:00pm Students in Years 9-12 MOBC Eliseo
Fri 5:00pm Women MOBC Robyn

*Childminding available

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Sundays 9:30am and 5pm
1-5 Woronora Parade, Oatley
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