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Mortdale-Oatley Baptist Church (MOBC) is a mixed group of people who have found that Jesus Christ makes all the difference to life. We meet together to encourage one another in the Christian faith, share that faith with others, and serve the communities in which we live and work.

At MOBC the invitation is ‘Come as you are’ and many people have. Today the church includes mums, dads, children, teenagers, grandparents, great grandparents, singles, husbands, wives, divorcees, widows, and widowers. Some are Aussie born, and others are immigrants from all over the world.

MOBC is a Baptist church and so part of a wider family of churches that stand at the heart of mainstream Christianity. The modern Baptist movement began in the early 17th century when a group of about 50 people, fleeing religious persecution in England, moved to Amsterdam. John Smyth was their pastor, and Thomas Helwys their social leader.  In Amsterdam they came in contact with another Christian group, the Mennonites, who baptized only believers. After studying the Bible Smyth became convinced of this himself, and his congregation followed his teaching and his lead.  Smyth baptized himself, then Helwys and then the others in 1609.  When Smyth died the majority of his congregation joined the Mennonites, but Helwys and about a quarter of the original group returned to England.  In 1612 they formed the first English Baptist church at Spitalfields, just outside the walls of London.

Since that time the number of Christians who embrace Baptist principles has grown, and today it is one of the largest denominations in the world. From their beginnings, Baptists have always maintained the principle of religious liberty, that is, freedom from all forms of compulsion and coercion in matters of religious faith and practice.

The Baptist presence in Australia began in Sydney in 1831 only forty years after the British penal colony was established. Today more than 300,000 Christians are members of more than 800 Baptist churches spread right across Australia.

Most Baptist churches are autonomous, managing their own affairs, but many choose to work with others in order to support Christian ministry and witness in the wider world. MOBC is affiliated with the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT, a group of about 330 Baptist churches comprising over 50,000 people.

MOBC is committed to providing places, services and programs that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health and safety and model the love of Christ to all whom we have contact with, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults. Find out more.

To read about our mission and vision, or to download a copy of MOBC’s constitution, including what we believe [PDF, 325kB], click below.

Sundays 9:30am and 5pm
1-5 Woronora Parade, Oatley
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