May Missions Appeal

Baptist Mission Australia (BMA) is the intercultural sending agency for Australian Baptist churches that has helped Baptists serve in Christ’s global mission for over 150 years.

BMA seeks to take the gospel message to ‘unreached’ people groups in a number of strategic regions of the world and to build vibrant faith communities that can follow Jesus in their own distinctive ways. More than ever, there is a need to resource God’s Mission to those who have not yet heard the name of Jesus and to tell them of the hope we have in Him.

Each year MOBC uses the month of May to raise money for Baptist Mission Australia’s mission projects. The Missions Committee has chosen four projects representative of BMA’s work of spreading the word and deed of the gospel. 


1. Thai Ministry House - Ethnic Thai People

Group sitting under tree. Photo by Teagan Dwyer-Riviere

Margaret Holohan is our supported missionary in Thailand. She would like us to contribute to the funding of a ministry house to provide a central meeting place for the faith communities of Phayao-Nan district of Thailand. Until now, local Christians have met in their family homes. They are mostly from humble backgrounds and now, after a decade, families and groups have grown and a separate space is needed for worship.

The Ministry House will be a dedicated Christian space to pray together, run Bible studies, hold monthly training, provide discipleship, offer community English classes, have meetings and be a house of worship for anyone that attends.

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2. Maternal and Child Health Care - Indochina (Tax Deductible)

In rural communities in Northern Indochina, women often give birth at home or in clinics with limited resources, using traditional practices and knowledge. While childbirth is usually safe, even when there are birthing complications, the outcomes in these regions are harsher than in urbanised areas with greater medical access. Maternal and infant mortality rates are higher in this country than the broader geographical region and the country’s government is prioritising midwife training programs for ethnic minorities in recognition of their greater need.

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3. English Teaching and Friendship - K people of the Silk Road (Tax Deductible)

The BMA team includes our supported worker Mel, who has been in the field for nearly over two years now. It is actively engaged in providing English language lessons to local students and young adults in the rural community where the team members live. The project is addressing a key education need in the area and is so sought after there are waiting lists for students. The team and local staff offer subsidised beginner, conversational and advanced academic English classes as well as homework clubs.

Your partnership enables the team to build relationships within the community and provide language skills that open employment and other income generating opportunities in a globalised world.

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4. Scholarship Fund for Theological College - Assam, Zambia, Malawi

Women sitting. Photo by Andrew P

It is crucial that faith leaders are equipped with a sound knowledge of God’s word as they grow the local church. This project provides scholarship funds to provide theological training in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. BMA subsidises pastors and local leaders to get good Biblical education at local seminaries at diploma or degree level so they can serve the local church.

Roger Kemp who runs this project has a long history with BMA in these locations. Many of the participants are known to him or recommended to him by staff in the theological colleges. Partnering with Rachel and Luke in this project means Khmer children with disabilities and their families have a long-term therapy support network in Siem Reap. It means these children can gain independence and be able to participate in their communities as they grow and develop into youth and adults.  

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How to Give

We would prefer all offerings to be made electronically so we ask you to transfer your gift directly to:

Account Name: MOBC Missions

BSB: 704-922

Account Number: 100 002 806

Then let us know your project preferences.


Cash offerings can be placed in a clearly marked envelope and dropped into the offertory box.

Please note that to claim a tax deduction (only available for projects 2 and 3) you must provide your details so we can arrange for BMA to send you a receipt.

Contact the office if you require any assistance.