Kids Service Online


Welcome to MOBC's online Sunday service - for kids! MOBC is running Online Kids church during this period of lockdown. The Kids church leaders are making every effort to stay connected with families in creative ways to meet the needs of various age group.

Simply follow the order of service, clicking on the video links as appropriate.

Main liturgy   



Who's the King of the Jungle



Preschool - Peter Changes

PreSchool Worksheet


K-2 - Jesus is the King of Kings

K-2 Worksheet


3-6 - Keep on Going by Faith

3-6 Worksheet


Thinking it through

Use the questions below and Teaspoon prayer as a guide with your mum and dad.

1. What was your favourite part of the video?

2. What did you learn about God from today’s video?

3. How does that help you love Jesus more in your life?



T – Thank God for …

S – Say sorry to God for …

P – Please help me to …. 



For a short message on the video and connections with kids church leaders and other families, please join kids church chat group

That's all for this week. See you next Sunday!

Main liturgy