In light of the coronavirus, MOBC has responded as follows.



All on-site activities at MOBC and many other activities are suspended until further notice. These include:

  • Annual Business Meeting
  • Create
  • Easter Holiday Bible Club
  • English For Living
  • Friendship
  • Getaway
  • Mainly Music
  • MOBC Youth
  • OWPS Mentoring
  • Playtime
  • Shaken & Stirred
  • Sunday Services - see more
  • Young Adults Socials

Feel free to contact us for information relating to activities you participate in.


Immediate precautionary measures

In keeping with advice from the NSW Department of Health we request that all people refrain from greeting people by shaking hands or giving a kiss while at MOBC. If someone, who has not been in receipt of this advice, offers to shake your hand then you should decline while drawing their attention to this new policy.

It is more important than ever that all people wash their hands thoroughly and often. You are asked to wash your hands or use sanitiser (where available), when you first come onto the premises and again before taking refreshments.

MOBC has bins outside the bathrooms so that, after washing your hands and drying them with the paper towels provided, you can use those paper towels to exit the bathroom and then dispose of them in the bins. 

Please also note that mugs and glasses will no longer be used for refreshments. Instead, we ask that you bring a keep cup if you have one, which you use, then take home and wash yourself. Disposable cups will be provided for anyone who does not bring a keep cup.


MOBC will continue to review the situation and respond to any new advice issued by the NSW Department of Health. Please check back here regularly for the latest news.

Last updated: 20 March 2020