February 25 2018, 9:30am


One of the practices that help distinguish Baptist churches is the practice of believer’s baptism. While an Anglican church or a Uniting church will baptise a baby your local Baptist church reserves baptism for when a person has made a personaldecision to repent of their sins and receive Jesus Christ as Lord.

It was the early 17th century when a group of about 50 people, fleeing religious persecution in England, moved to Amsterdam. John Smyth was their pastor, and Thomas Helwys their social leader.  In Amsterdam they came in contact with another Christian group, the Mennonites, who baptized only believers. After studying the Bible Smyth became convinced of this himself, and his congregation followed his teaching and his lead.  Smyth baptized himself, then Helwys and then the others. Since that time the number of Christians who embrace the principle of believer’s baptism has grown, and today it is one of the largest denominations in the world.

MOBC emphasizes four key reasons why a believer should be baptised. Firstly, because Jesus Christ was baptised and in so doing set His followers an example (Luke 3v21). Secondly, because Jesus Christ commanded all who follow Him to be baptised (Matthew 28v18). Third, because the Early Church practiced the baptism of believers (Acts 2v41). And fourth, because the Bible requires a believer to publicly confess their faith (Romans 10v9).

The next baptisms to be held at MOBC will be as part of the Sunday morning service on 25th February. Do join us for what will be a joyful celebration of Christian faith.